EPILEPSY WARNING: This game contains a lot of effects and flashing lights, and can potentially trigger seizures. Player discretion is advised

Find your way to the volcano

Use your mouse or controller to control the young and joyful Tachy the day you discover how to use a sword and bend time in your then quiet and wonderful island.

You have to increase your "Juice" by moving or slashing enemies to maintain your abilities and reach new levels, unleashing the wrath of the elders. 

Stopping will make your juice decrease and will weaken Tachy, making you unable to slow time or use your enhanced dash. So whatever you do, don't stop!!

Maybe it is a metaphor about aging and adulthood or maybe it's mainly about shaders and high-scores.

Made for the "Juicy Jam" from January 2022

List of third party assets uses:
- Some characters assets are based on Kenney's Creature Mixer
- Some smoke particles: https://nyknck.itch.io/fx062
- Shockwave shader inspired from:

All music and audio was made for the jam.

Link to the OST: https://soundcloud.com/user-158975078/sets/tachy-carnage-ost


TachyCarnage-macos-1.1 36 MB
TachyCarnage-win-1.1 19 MB
TachyCarnage-linux-1.1 20 MB


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Got feedback for you :)

So I like the game, it's well made. New events happen as the game goes on which is nice. You can just spam click however and your basically invincible. I would suggestion adding a short swing cooldown so you can't just spam click.

Keep up the good work :)

We just made a lot of difficulty tweaks (less life spawn, more cool down between attacks) if you want to try back :)

(And you always have to watch your back while "carnaging")