Escape from the closed source

I have decided to made the core elements (reusable assets and scenes) of Escape From The Void and the ten levels of the demo project freely available on GitHub.

Technical Informations
Code is split between two distinct git projects:

  • EFTV-Core: Scripts and reusable assets. It is not meant to be used by itself but as a submodule.
  • EFTV-Demo: Godot Project. Full content of the free demo as an example of how things works and how to make new levels by your own ;)

More informations in this blog post (french)


Escape From The Void - Windows 232 MB
Version 1.1 Mar 08, 2020
EFTV: 10 levels demo - Windows 106 MB
Version 1.1 Mar 08, 2020

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